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The Iron Horse Advertising & Marketing Company Inc.
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Thank you for visiting our web-site.

Secret to success:  Early to bed, early to rise.  Work like hell and advertise.

We deliver the magic.

Our name is a metaphor representing an attitude and a way of doing business .... yesterday's values and a work-ethic that is reminiscent of the pioneering spirit.

... and as yesterday's steam engines harnessed tons of steel, moved mountains and powered the industrial revolution ... we have harnessed today's technology to move economic mountains for you.

We bring together the creative services,  production expertise and quality control for superior results ... that gets the job done right.

We provide our clients the edge by telling the right story ... to the right people ... at the right time.

We have a track record of delivering for growing small & medium-size business since 1979.  If you are serious about enhancing your marketing situation, then call today.   Free consultation.

Advertising is totally unnecessary.  Unless you hope to make money.

How we do it.

We come up with the big idea and have the production expertise to produce it.

Our approach: Be accurate and exercise good basic journalism skills. Use exciting graphics that help tell the story, set the tonality and work with crisp copy. Use good readable typography and clean layout. Handle the production the best way possible in terms of value, not by the lowest price.

We provide a full range of services to include creative, production, promotion, PR, media, marketing, trade shows, sales presentations, etc.

We find that advertising works the way grass grows.  You can never see it, but every week you have to mow the lawn.  Andy Tarshis

Chief engineer.

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Fritz Rethage
Over 40 years of advertising and marketing experience. Graduated Defense Information School,  7th Infantry Division war correspondent on Korea's DMZ (1966-67). Worked at Ketchum, Macleod & Grove in Pittsburgh, BBDO in NY, some publishers, small ad agencies and account-side.

Established The Iron Horse Advertising and Marketing Company Inc. in 1979.  B-B.  Print.
Founded The Gazette Newspaper in 2004. Developed reputation as an accomplished photo-journalist.


Advertising says to people -- Here's what we've got.  Here's what it will do for you.   Here's how to get it.  Leo Burnett


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